Hand sewn curtains

long curtains and window blind

Velvet & silk

“ A thing of beauty is a joy forever” (J Keats) it is worth taking time to find the perfect fabric that will make your curtains a thing of beauty for you to enjoy for many years”

Curtains serve at least three purposes! 

Firstly they provide privacy in the evening when lights are on and it is dark outside.  That leads us to colder evenings when curtains provide added warmth to your home.  For many of us, we like to think of them as part of our decoration therefore we want them to be beautiful and well made to give our room a luxuriant ambiance, a little bit of drama or even a bit of light hearted fun.

All my curtains can be made using the added inner layer of interlining, think warm blanket, which gives extra body to the fabric and cuts down cool air from windows. Especially in draughty homes you will feel the benefit of extra warmth as the curtains absorb the draughts.   This interlining along with great quality lining also protects your fabric ensuring that they look fabulous for years.

Curtains can have a choice of headings giving your room either a traditional look and feel of a very sleek contemporary look and feel. I can bring samples of different heading types allowing you to see what would suit your individual room.

Whatever style you choose you will be guaranteed the highest standard of curtain making.

Which fabric will you choose?
I work with many of the large fabric companies so I am able to offer you lots of choice, it is possible for you to have sizeable samples to see the fabric in your room checking pattern scale and colours to help you make your decision with confidence.  This in your own home and time which means you will not feel under any pressure to make any instant decisions.  I am equally happy to work with fabric that you have sourced yourself whether it is new or vintage fabric.

“From helping us choose material and the most suitable type of blinds and curtain for our kitchen to the final fitting and aftercare, it was a real pleasure working with Fiona. Her work is of the highest quality and we would unreservedly recommend her services to others.”

Mr & Mrs Steele